Cloth face mask 3D – Type 1


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Cách chọn size

  • S1 trẻ 6 tháng – 3 tuổi | youth 6months – 3 years old
  • S trẻ từ 4 – 10 tuổi | youth 4 – 10 years old
  • M trẻ 10 tuổi – người có dáng vóc nhỏ | 10 years old to petite adult
  • L hầu hết người trưởng thành, 1m8 trở lên | most adults, 5’9″ and taller
  • ST trẻ trên 6 tuổi | youth over 6 years old
  • LT hầu hết người trưởng thành | most adults
  • M1 hầu hết người trưởng thành | most adults
  • M2 hầu hết người trưởng thành | most adults

Cloth face mask 3D (size M, L) for most adults – Type 1

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  • M: 10 years old to petite adult
  • L:  most adults, 5’9″ and taller

A 3-layer structure helps to filter the air, safe for breathing.

  • The outer layer is 100% Cotton, which limits adhesion, helps coarse filtration and partially hinders dirt.
  • The middle layer is activated fiber, processed by special activating technology, has been patented. Capable of filtering PM 2.5 fine dust, polluted gases from garbage, exhaust fumes from vehicles, and unburnt gasoline vapors
  • The innermost layer is a super-soft, super-airy mesh layer that makes users feel comfortable and comfortable. Especially not to smudge the lipstick.

Features of the Cloth face mask 3D:

  • The product is recommended by the Ministry of Health.
  • Patented for Activated-fiber.
  • Activated fiber is processed by special activating technology, capable of filtering petroleum vapor, polluted gas … and PM 2.5 fine dust.
  • Smart design for perfect protection, freely adjust the strap to suit every face, no ear pain. The close-fitting nose brace helps prevent dust from entering directly into the body. Avoid clogging your nose, preventing steam from blurring your glasses.
  • The front structure helps to keep the voice standard, does not smudge the lipstick, keeps the winter warm, and the summer cool.
  • The ear and neck cover helps protect against sun, dust, wind, and jewelry. Especially can cover the shoulder, the head protects the hair from damage.
  • Various designs are diverse and trendy.
  • The product is durable, beautiful and very good for health protection.
  • More economical for the user (only after 38 washings, or 6 months of use, need to be replaced. Compared to a disposable mask, it is more economical)

User manual for Cloth face mask 3D:

  • Step 1: Adjust the strap to match the face.
  • Step 2:Hide the tie button inside the fabric core to create an aesthetically pleasing mask
  • Step 3:Put a mask on your face. Take care not to touch the innermost layer.
  • Step 4:Adjust the brace to fit the bridge of the nose. Too tight can cause pain during use, too loose will reduce its resistance to dirt.

Storage instructions for Cloth face mask 3D:

  • Should wash by hand under 40ºC
  • Do not use chemical such as bleach when washing
  • After washing, use the iron to make the product look better.

Note: Within 6 months from the first wash or after 38 washings, the Activated Fiber function begins to decrease.


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Men, Woman

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