Kissy is not only a top Vietnamese mask brand but also a symbol of love. Love people. Love this life. Love good and kind things.

The name Kissy has the meaning of a kiss that lasts for love. It shows the feeling of love, when it is spread, will make life become better and people are happier.

Kissy has been and will always accompany the Vietnamese Family with good humane values.

Active fiber mask KISSY
Active fiber mask KISSY


  1. Vision
    Becoming the leading mask brand in Vietnam and a prestigious Vietnamese brand in the international market.
  2. Mission
    Companion to protect Vietnamese family’s health.


  1. Conscientious
    • Dedicated to customers from thought to action
    • Take care of quality in every detail of the product
  2. Innovation
    • Always catch up with market trends
    • Always diversify product models
  3. For the benefit of the community
    • Actively create a humane environment in the business community
    • Actively participate in social activities for a healthy and happy life.

Active fiber mask KISSY
Active fiber mask KISSY


In the 2000s, masks in Vietnam were made very rudimentary, with limited sizes, simple designs, and unable to filter dust and pollutants. For the health of herself and her family, Ms. Hue Nuong – Founder of Kissy Active Fiber Mask Manufacturing Enterprise has had many concerns with the wish that Vietnamese people can make a mask that can overcome all the above disadvantages.

But it took four years before her intentions came true. That was when she was fortunate to meet Professor Le Ngoc Khanh, to hear him talk about his invention of oily fiber as well as his research on active fibers. This is a very special type of fiber that is able to filter out unburnt petroleum vapors, to filter out micro dust particles. The function of active fiber is a complete piece of technology to make a new type of mask, capable of preventing health-harmful pollutants and fine dust from entering the body.

With the support of ABS Foundation (Europe / Norway), Ms. Nuong has researched, tested and created many different models and styles for masks with the main material being active fiber. The brand of Kissy masks was born as a result of scientific progress combined with a kind heart. Kissy is the only patented activated fiber mask that is recommended by the Ministry of Health. Over time, Kissy activated fiber masks are increasingly popular with domestic customers, and quickly become available in some foreign markets such as Japan, Norway and the US.

During its development, Kissy has embraced a lot of employees who are deaf and disabled, teach technology and bring them jobs, helping them build families and integrate into the community.

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